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IRIS Consulting was established in 2002 in response to the pressing need for more Africans to be supported with the practical learning tools and resources they need to create sustainable model businesses and organizations. Our focus is to enable African businesses and organizations position themselves adequately to compete successfully with others in a globalized world.

We focus on assisting our clients beat the odds and reach their goals while simultaneously making a difference in the community and in the world. We are passionate about building the leaders who will build the leaders to build African businesses and communities.

IRIS Consulting is currently headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and has developed alliances and partner relationships across the globe.

The work we do, how we do it and our internal and external relationships are framed by our:

VISION - We are a unique high-spirited pre-eminent African Consulting Firm for organizations aspiring to be the leading models in their markets”

MISSION – “To simplify the task of building great leaders for the sustained progress of African businesses and communities".


----- Initiative & Innovation

We know we are living this value when:

  • We go first for the client and the community.
  • We anticipate changes and lead with creative and practical responses.
  • We are the first to change, learn from and support Associates and Clients.

----- Resourcefulness & Results

We know we are living this value when:

  • We take up challenging work, risk and innovate.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for producing measurable business results for clients and the Firm.

We refuse to take cover under excuses.

----- Inspire

We know we are living this value when:

  • Our passion makes work fun and time flies.
  • Our clients are inspired to make extra-ordinary contributions and significant difference to their organization.

We receive feedback from clients showing how what we do have altered their view of themselves and of what they can accomplish.

----- Simplicity and Helpfulness

We know we are living this value when:

  • Our clients feel we have taken a heavy burden off their shoulders when we work for them.
  • Our clients describe their experience with us as “amazing”.
  • We get unsolicited business.
  • Our clients become raving fans.

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