How we work with clients

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If you choose to do us the honour of allowing us to partner with you to achieve your goals, you deserve to know how we work.
Described simply, our approach is as follows:
“Seek high-impact, rapid cycle results that can be leveraged into long-term gains through a commonsense partnership with the client".

Traditional consulting projects are generally defined not in terms of client results but rather in terms of consulting products – e.g. studies, recommendations, systems and solutions the consultant will provide. Consultants have convinced most clients to accept as “success” the delivery of these products rather than the actual achievement of some measurable result. Thus failures are effectively camouflaged.
Unlike traditional consultants, we believe that for a consulting project to be called a success, three outcomes must be achieved:

First, the consultant must provide a solution or method new to the client

Second, the client must achieve some measurable improvement in its operations by adopting the consultant's solution

Third, the client must be independently able to sustain the improvement over time.

As management consultants, we are more than experts; we additionally serve as change agents and share accountability with our clients for the ultimate outcome of their consulting projects.

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